“Russell Smith has inadvertently written a parenting book in the guise of a timeless parable. Each of his five children had a hand in this tale’s creation, from the secret language to the fantastic animals and settings, to survival skills in a future green world. Right up to its breathless and enchanting conclusion, Singer’s Amazing Journey will illustrate that only through acceptance and love can one attain contentment.”

Barbara Daniel Paterson, M.L.A., editor and writing teacher


“… This story is … colorful and imaginative—challenging your mind to reflect and make connections with the characters and locale as you travel through time … The creatures—mostly warm and whimsical—help transport the reader far beyond the ‘what if’ to the ‘why not?’ It is a good read for all ages and a story that can be enjoyed by the entire family!”

Marilyn Bartels, PhD, author of Legends—Ghost—Goblins, Dreams, and the Divinity of Art